How T-Swirl Crêpe Revolutionized their Ordering Experience

Jul 11, 2023

Discover how T-Swirl Crepe, a beloved crepe chain, revolutionized its business by incorporating Snackpass into its operations. Through the powerful Snackpass kiosk and loyalty program, T-Swirl Crepe has elevated its customer experience, improved operational efficiency, and enjoyed significant business benefits.

T-Swirl Crepe: Delivering Innovative Crepes with a Japanese Twist

T-Swirl Crepe, born in Queens Flushing in 2014, has become a leading destination for crepe enthusiasts across the state. Synonymous with innovative, fresh-ingredient crepes infused with Japanese culture, T-Swirl Crepe brings joy to customers through delightful food experiences that set them apart from the competition.

Following the surge in customer demand after the COVID-19 pandemic, T-Swirl Crepe recognized the need for a self-serve model to accommodate the increased footfall. Chief Marketing Officer Daniel sought a reliable solution after facing persistent challenges with a custom-built kiosk interface developed in partnership with a different POS company. That's when they discovered Snackpass—a comprehensive solution that addressed all their concerns.

Choosing the right kiosk company can be daunting, but for Daniel, Snackpass stood out. He explains, "Snackpass solves all of my concerns and is truly helpful in managing the high volume of customers at our store." Snackpass, designed with restaurants in mind, emerged as the leader in self-serve technology, providing T-Swirl Crepe with the perfect solution for their needs.

Game Changer: Snackpass Kiosk Revolutionizes Ordering Experience

Since embracing Snackpass, T-Swirl Crepe witnessed a significant shift in customer preferences. According to the CMO, "The day we started using Snackpass, I saw around a 75% increase in customers preferring to order on the kiosk." This transition to self-serve ordering has not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also streamlined operations and reduced labor costs—a crucial advantage in today's employee shortage challenges.

Boosting Business and Engaging Customers with Snackpass Loyalty Program

T-Swirl Crepe finds Snackpass's robust loyalty program and marketing capabilities captivating. Leveraging the loyalty program, T-Swirl Crepe experienced substantial business growth and improved customer engagement. Through Snackpass’s rewards feature, every order brings in new customers and builds followers for T-swirl. Customers ping their friends and broadcast to their social networks after every purchase through sharing a reward with a friend. The use of social commerce through rewards incentives encourage repeat visits and referrals, while promotional and gifting features attract new customers. The mobile push marketing feature strengthens brand loyalty and customer relationships.

“Snackpass is truly a look into the future” said Daniel. Snackpass offers innovative, next-gen solutions to address the challenges faced by restaurants today through features like Guestbook, SnackTV and more. Among these offerings, Guestbook stands out as a groundbreaking tool that enables restaurants to address customer issues directly, nurture relationships with loyal customers, access order history, and launch targeted promotional campaigns. With Snackpass's Guestbook, every purchase becomes an ongoing conversation and an opportunity to build lasting customer relationships.

Seamless Communication and Issue Resolution through Snackpass

An unexpected benefit T-Swirl Crepe discovered with Snackpass is the private chat feature, Guestbook, enabling direct communication with customers. This enables prompt resolution of concerns, avoiding negative complaints on platforms like Google Business. T-Swirl Crepe's commitment to exceptional customer service shines through this efficient problem-solving approach.

Effortless Ordering: Kiosk and Mobile Integration for Speedy Service

T-Swirl Crepe ensures a seamless ordering process through Snackpass, offering three convenient options: ordering directly from the kiosk, via the Snackpass mobile app or ordering online. Orders are seamlessly transmitted to the kitchen screens, enabling immediate preparation. This streamlined integration enhances speed of service, resulting in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Through Snackpass's innovative solutions, T-Swirl Crepe has transformed its operations, delivering an exceptional customer experience while boosting efficiency. The visually appealing and customizable Snackpass kiosk has become a game changer. Meanwhile, the loyalty program and marketing features have enhanced customer engagement and fueled business growth. With seamless communication and effortless ordering, T-Swirl Crepe continues to delight customers while staying ahead in a highly competitive industry.