How Xing Fu Tang Successfully Delivers a Luxury Boba Experience

Oct 30, 2023

Xing Fu Tang USA, a renowned bubble tea brand, opened its newest store at Hudson Yards in the spring of 2023. When preparing to launch its latest location, XFT sought a point-of-sale (POS) partner that would complement the area’s innovation and successfully scale their operations. This bustling location presented unique operational challenges, given the malls fluctuating customer flow. To adapt to these challenges and provide an exceptional customer experience, Xing Fu Tang turned to Snackpass for support.

Partnering for Success

According to Andrew, the CEO of Xing Fu Tang USA, one of the key aspects that stood out in their partnership with Snackpass was the willingness to build towards their vision. XFT had a clear vision of maintaining its status as a luxury brand in the competitive boba industry. Recognizing the pivotal role that hardware plays in the overall customer experience, XFT aimed to integrate next-gen solutions that seamlessly blended with its brand identity while allowing it to scale its operations within the busy mall environment.


Opening a location at Hudson Yards posed unique operational challenges for XFT. The mall environment introduced fluctuations in customer volume, swinging between high and low traffic periods. To maintain their luxury status and cater to the diverse demands of Hudson Yards, XFT needed a flexible solution that would easily adapt. Andrew, CEO of Xing Fu Tang USA, shared, “When it comes time to service high volume orders quickly, being able to turn the POS into a kiosk and have customers order for themselves is very helpful.”


Scaling for High and Low Volume

To address these challenges, XFT integrated Snackpass’s POS– Snack Duo, a versatile point-of-sale solution. This seamless transition between a traditional register and a customer-facing kiosk empowered XFT’s employees to switch roles effortlessly during peak hours, reducing wait times and boosting efficiency. Andrew expressed Snackpass's ability to scale seamlessly, saying, "When it comes time to really service a lot of tickets in short order, it is very helpful to be able to turn the POS into a kiosk, turn on the other kiosk, and have customers order from themselves and then dedicate that man power to making the actual drinks.”

Empowering Customers with Kiosks

Andrew also highlighted the preference some customers have for self-service kiosks. "If I can forego talking to somebody sometimes and just plug in what I want myself, it's definitely the easiest and fastest way for me to get things done," he remarked. Xing Fu Tang's kiosks, powered by Snackpass, offer an intuitive interface with images and a smooth flow for order customization.

Efficiency and Order Management

Snackpass not only improved the ordering experience but also streamlined order management. To enhance the pickup process, Xing Fu Tang incorporated Snackpass's Customer Pickup Screen. The screen displays order statuses as 'in progress' or 'ready'. Andrew mentioned the benefits of having screens that display ready orders and an order hub, making it easy to communicate with customers and eliminating the need to call out orders.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Andrew emphasized the importance of data in managing their multiple locations, stating, "I get an email every day that tells me the sales that I have, so I can get kind of a boots on the ground feel of how we're doing and if we need to change anything." The ability to consolidate and analyze sales data across locations is a significant advantage for Xing Fu Tang.

By overcoming challenges, providing an adaptable POS system, and offering advanced features, Snackpass has helped XFT enhance its brand and create a seamless ordering process. With the agility to adapt quickly and satisfy customers, XFT is primed for ongoing success, delighting customers with their luxury offerings and outstanding service.

Xing Fu Tang USA's story with Snackpass is a testament to how innovative technology can transform the quick-service restaurant industry. With tailored solutions, Xing Fu Tang achieved operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and data-driven decision-making.