The Legendary Mei Lai Wah Chooses Snackpass as its First Tech Partner

The Legendary Mei Lai Wah Chooses Snackpass as its First Tech Partner

The Legendary Mei Lai Wah Chooses Snackpass as its First Tech Partner

Dec 7, 2023

Pinapple Pork Bun via @meilaiwahcoffeeshop on Instagram
Pinapple Pork Bun via @meilaiwahcoffeeshop on Instagram
Pinapple Pork Bun via @meilaiwahcoffeeshop on Instagram

Mei Lai Wah, the oldest dim sum spot in New York City with over a century of history, faced the challenge of upgrading its technology while maintaining its traditional roots. By leveraging Snackpass's innovative solutions, Mei Lai Wah successfully modernized its operations, expanded payment options, and increased profitability.

The Problem

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Mei Lai Wah recognized the need to meet customer demands by introducing credit card payments. Snackpass provided a seamless solution with self-serve kiosks, enabling convenient card payments and improving the overall customer experience.

Streamlining Operations and Increasing Profitability

Mei Lai Wah aimed to reduce labor expenses and maximize profits. With Snackpass's self-serve kiosks, the business operated more efficiently, minimizing the need for additional staff and increasing sales through a seamless ordering process.


The partnership with Snackpass brought about a next-gen solution for Mei Lai Wah by introducing the Snackpass kiosk. This innovative self-serve ordering system allowed Mei Lai Wah to broaden its customer base and decrease labor costs.

The Snackpass kiosk offered a sleek interface where customers could easily select their dim sum items and customize their orders. It eliminated the need for cash transactions, allowing customers to conveniently pay with credit cards. This enhanced convenience and catered to the preferences of modern customers. "Since we introduced the Snackpass kiosk, everything's been running smoother than ever. Our customers are loving the convenience of ordering without cash and the ability to personalize their dim sum dishes" said Ben, Mei Lai Wah's owner.

The kiosk streamlined operations for Mei Lai Wah, improving efficiency, reducing wait times, and ensuring order accuracy. It acted as a reliable point of interaction, empowering customers to navigate the menu effortlessly and facilitating faster order fulfillment.

Additionally, the Snackpass kiosk provided flexibility during busy periods. Employees could flex on and off the register based on customer flow, optimizing workflow and minimizing wait times. This adaptability ensured smooth operations even during peak hours.

Measuring Success

Since implementing Snackpass, Mei Lai Wah has experienced significant sales growth attributed to credit card acceptance and streamlined ordering. Positive customer feedback highlights the ease of use and satisfaction with the improved experience.

Partnering for Future Success

The collaboration between Mei Lai Wah and Snackpass has opened new opportunities for growth. Mei Lai Wah now attracts a wider customer base, leveraging Snackpass's marketing and promotional features to engage customers and foster loyalty.

The partnership with Snackpass has rejuvenated Mei Lai Wah by combining innovation with tradition. These solutions have improved the customer experience, streamlined operations, and set the business up for ongoing success in a dynamic industry.

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