Sip into Summer Bliss: 5 Refreshing Cold Drinks for the Hot Season

Sip into Summer Bliss: 5 Refreshing Cold Drinks for the Hot Season

Sip into Summer Bliss: 5 Refreshing Cold Drinks for the Hot Season

Jun 15, 2023

Plain iced coffee isn’t the only refreshing cold drink people are sipping on this hot season. As we head into summer, indulge in these delicious and refreshing hot-weather drinks!

Cold Brew Lemonade

This updated take on an Arnold Palmer combines cold brew and lemonade. The result is refreshing and energizing!

Espresso Smoothie

Adding a shot of espresso to your smoothie can take it to the next level. Creamy ingredients like bananas, milk, and greek yogurt balance nicely with the coffee flavors!

Boba Latte

Tapioca pearls are commonly enjoyed in boba tea and are also a great addition to iced lattes. They’ll add texture and flavor to your favorite iced latte!


Italian for “drowned”, this dessert drink consists of espresso poured over ice cream. You can’t beat that combination!

Iced Oat Milk Latte

This non-dairy option is a spin on the traditional iced latte. The creamy taste of the oat milk is a treat for a warm summer day!


Stay up to date with the latest coffee trends

To Go, Please

Taking coffee to go is nothing new, but coffee brands are finding new ways to make coffee on the go even more accessible. It seems every corner store, coffee shop, and grocery store is filled with bottled coffee and an increasingly diverse selection of brands are becoming available. The ready to drink coffee market is exploding, but there’s room for even more growth with consumer preferences leaning heavily toward cold coffee beverages.

La Colombe has expanded their brand presence beyond traditional brick and mortar cafes by bottling up draft lattes + cold brews. They even boast oatmilk lattes to keep up with the trending alternative milks. Besides being widely available on store shelves, they also offer a subscription service to ship their canned coffee beverages right to your door.

Smaller coffee brands are taking to the streets with a spin on the classic coffee cart + to-go packaging. About Time Coffee has popped up on the NYC streets with freshly canned coffee drinks. Leaning into the mobile-first mindset of Gen Z, they’ve modeled their business to be both convenient to order ahead and to take on the go. Their creative packaging also sparks interest and fosters organic marketing with customers showing off their packaging and experience on social media.

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