Is Your Menu Hurting Your QSR's Sales?

Is Your Menu Hurting Your QSR's Sales?

Is Your Menu Hurting Your QSR's Sales?

Nov 6, 2023

A well-designed menu is more than just a list of dishes– it’s a strategic tool that can significantly impact your QSR's bottom line. Menu engineering is the art and science of optimizing your menu to boost profits and enhance the overall dining experience. Let’s explore everything you need to know about menu engineering and how it can transform your restaurant.

  1. Understand Your Menu Categories

Start by organizing your menu into sections like appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks. This helps you see what’s popular and what’s not in each category.

  1. Check Sales Data

Look at what's selling well and what's not. You'll find items falling into four categories:

  • Stars: Super popular and make good money.

  • Plow Horses: Everyone likes them, but they don't make much money.

  • Puzzles: They make good money, but not many people order them.

  • Dogs: Not popular, and they don't make much money

  1. Use the Four Boxes

Now, make a chart with two lines. One shows how popular items are, and the other shows how much money they make. This chart divides your items into four groups:

  • Top-Right (Stars): These are winners, popular and profitable. Promote them!

  • Top-Left (Plow Horses): People love them, but they don't make much money. Adjust prices or offer extras.

  • Bottom-Right (Puzzles): They make money but aren't popular. Promote them more.

  • Bottom-Left (Dogs): Not popular, not profitable. Think about removing them.

  1. Price Smartly

Your prices matter. Use tricks like $9.99 instead of $10 to make things seem cheaper. Bundle items together in combos to get people to spend more.

  1. Keep Up with Trends

The food world changes, so keep an eye on what people like. If plant-based foods are hot, add some to your menu.

  1. Keep It Simple

Too many choices can confuse customers and slow down your kitchen. Focus on your star items to keep things efficient.

  1. Make It Look Good

Your menu's design can make a big difference. Use pictures, fonts, and colors to highlight your best items. Make sure it's easy to read.

  1. Train Your Staff

Teach your team to suggest popular items and describe dishes in a tempting way.

  1. Keep Checking

Menu changes are ongoing. Keep watching what's popular and what's not, and adjust your menu accordingly.

  1. Use Tech

Modern tools like computer systems can help you see what's selling in real-time and make smarter decisions.

In short, menu engineering isn't rocket science. It's about sorting your menu, checking what sells, using a simple chart, pricing well, keeping up with trends, simplifying your menu, making it look nice, training your staff, checking often, and using tech to help. This way, your menu can be your secret recipe for success in the QSR world.

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