Enhance Your Boba Menu with these Secret Menu Items

Enhance Your Boba Menu with these Secret Menu Items

Enhance Your Boba Menu with these Secret Menu Items

Feb 2, 2023

Boozy Boba 🍺

Bubble tea typically trends well with Gen Z, but adults might want a drink with some spirit. Boba-infused cocktails and other alcoholic beverages provide a bit of shock value to the traditional tea-based approach.

Some boba brands have used this concept as fuel for collaborations. As many boba brands do not have liquor licenses, this a great opportunity to collaborate with a brand that does as a way to put your own spin on a boozy boba.

In the spirit of this, we have highlighted some combination suggestions to try on your own ⬇️

🍹 Rum

Rum pairs well with both milk and fruit teas: it’s made from sugarcane products already adopted by many tea shops and can make a fruity Mai Tai or a smooth Piña Colada.

🍶 Makgeolli

The sweet, milky taste of Makgeolli - Korean rice wine - pairs well with tapioca, and offers many fruit flavors to choose from.

🍋 Soju

For hardcore fruit tea fans, soju adds sweetness and kick - the possibilities are endless!

☕️ Coffee Liqueur

For coffee lovers who desire a rich, creamy sip after a long day, baristas suggest mixes of coffee liquor, such as Irish Cream or Kahlua.

Sweet Concessions 🍭

While some boba brands are mixing it up with alcohol, others are benefiting from staying booze-free

When available, sports fans and festival go-ers are opting for classic boba as their drink of choice at events.

Boba concession stands are popping up at major sports stadiums, like Oracle Park. These stands stay open all season long and provide fans with refreshing teas to wash down their hot dogs and nachos.

Boba brands are being invited to set up stands at music festivals, like Coachella and Outside Lands. Nothing sounds better than an iced bubble tea to cool you down after singing and dancing all day long.

Whether you’re an existing brand looking to expand your reach, or a new brand interested in an alternative to the traditional storefront, setting up shop at sporting or music events can open new doors.

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