Boba in the Mainstream: How to Stand Out in a Growing Trend

Boba in the Mainstream: How to Stand Out in a Growing Trend

Boba in the Mainstream: How to Stand Out in a Growing Trend

Feb 15, 2023

Boba in the Mainstream 🧋

Massive brands are now taking aim at boba. What will YOU do to stand out?

National food and drink giants have recently jumped on the boba bandwagon, adding their own unique spin to the Asian classic we know and love.

Last summer, Dunkin’ made Strawberry “Popping Bubbles” a limited-time drink add-on, and Sonic came out with Blue Raspberry and Cherry “Bursting Bubbles”. Coffee fanatics near Palm Desert, CA and Bellevue, WA last winter were lucky enough to try Starbucks’ take on boba. The limited test run featured two iced beverages, an iced chai latte and a cold brew, both with tapioca “coffee pearls”.

In early May, Baskin-Robbins announced the launch of their Tiger Milk Bubble Tea, a cup of brown sugar “tiger stripes” with black milk tea and brown sugar popping bubbles, all topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Whether or not you classify these new drinks as true boba, there’s no denying that the boba phenomenon is growing.

With boba trending in the U.S., existing bubble tea cafes may want to capitalize on the trend and find ways to step into the spotlight. Get inspired below ⬇️

🥞 Mix it Up

Tapioca in tea was a game changer, perhaps it can elevate other items as well.

Creative chefs around the world have made boba a popular topping for pancakes, mille crepe cakes, toasts, and even pizza.

🥤 Cupgrade

In the Instagram age, appearance matters, and changing up your container can help you stand out.

Some cafes implement reusable glass or plastic bottles that are more comfortable, prevent spillage, and look incredible.

🍦 Top it Off

Why stop at just tapioca? The next breakthrough may be within your reach.

Cotton candy, fruits or ice cream crowning your cups can take your boba to the next level. Getting creative pays dividends!

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